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How To Prep Your Home For Cold Weather

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

It's officially fall, which means winter is right around the corner! Below are a few simple tips to help prep your home for the colder months.

TIP 1:

Check your home's heating and air conditioning system! This means change the filters and consider having your heating and air systems inspected by a trusted HVAC contractor.

TIP 2:

Clean your gutters! Gutter build up can cause water damage and significant problems for your home's exterior and interior. Check your gutters and make sure there are no leaves, branches, etc. blocking them.

TIP 3:

Make sure the exterior wood on your home is painted and caulked before the winter months hit. This will prevent the wood from rotting and ensure the exterior of your home is looking its best!

TIP 4:

Do you have a pool, sprinkler system, or other water features? Make sure they are shut down for the season and take precautions to make sure water faucets and pipes won't freeze. Take this time to check for any damage and make any necessary repairs while the systems are off and the weather is still nice.

TIP 5:

Don't forget to check your home's attic! Make sure there are no holes that will allow animals to get in, check your gable vents, and make sure no trees are touching the house.

TIP 6:

Do you have a chimney in your home? Make sure your fireplace is clean and inspected before winter comes. If you need to, contact a chimney sweep to help clean your chimney, identify any potential problems, and ensure your fireplace is safe for use.

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